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Our Aims


"At Woodthorpe we aim to ensure that your children have the best possible education that equips them with the skills, knowledge, qualities and values that will follow them through life.

We also aim to work closely with all members of our community to help children recognise the importance of collaboration and forming positive relationships."
- Dave Smith, Headteacher at Woodthorpe Community Primary School.

What's happening at Woodthorpe?

FS/KS1 Star Learners 20 May 2016

Our FS/KS1 Star Learners for this week are:

FS2CG: Kiera and Lucas.

Y1AQ: Finley and Junior. Y1WS: Malakie and Isabelle.

Y2CH: Cerys and Amari. Y2ET: Aaron and Loreece.

Mrs Bister and School Council Star Learner: Ashlee.

KS2 Star Learners 20 May 2016

Our KS2 Star Learners for this week are:

Y3JP: Joel and Teyha. Y3JY: Chloe and Logan.

Y4JB: Whole class. Y4JD: Jayden and Megan.

Y5KH: Lysharna and Jamie-Lee. Y5MM: Katelon and Abbie.

Y6AP: Maddi and Thomas. Y6FR: Lewis and Jack.

Any unwanted toys / books?

The School Council are currently collecting any unwanted toys or books to raise money for Sheffield Children's Hospital.

If you can help with this please give any items to your class teacher. Thanks.

SEN (Special Educational Needs) Drop In

SEN (Special Educational Needs) Drop In every Wednesday from the 9th December 2015 at 9am till 10am.

An opportunity to speak to the SENCo's (Special Educational Needs Coordinators) Lindsey McGrath and Jay Oliver.

Feel free to come along and ask any questions. We look forward to seeing you.

Star Learners - Spring Term

FS/KS1 Star Learners:

FS1: Finley. FS2FK: Charlie. FS2GG: Ruby.

Y1AQ: Altahir. Y1LH: Ashlee.

Y2CH: Sharntay. Y2ET: Georgia.

Mrs Mather's Star Learner: Aleena.



KS2 Star Learners:

Y3JP: Mercedes. Y3JY: Mollie.

Y4JB: Katelyn. Y4JD: Megan.

Y5KH: Kasey. Y5MM: Malone.

Y6AP: Bradley. Y6FR: Ellie.

Mr Smith's Star Learner: Talicia.

Mrs Bister's Star Learner: Dylan.

Chair of Governors

It is with some sadness that we say goodbye to our Chair of Governors, Mr. Larry Angel MBE. Larry has been a huge part of our community for almost 20 years and has supported us wholeheartedly throughout. Larry has made the decision to retire and we wish him all the very best during this time.

We know he will continue to support us from the side-lines; however I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of all the staff, children and members of the Governing Body, to say a huge thank you.

Our new Chair of Governors is Mr. Mark Smith. He has a wealth of experience in managing large organisations, and has a background in financial management. We are delighted with his appointment and look forward to working closely with him.

Sports Hall Athletics at the EIS

On Thursday 12th of November Woodthorpe took a team of 20 girls and boys to compete in the Sports Hall Athletics at the EIS.

We had a really great time cheering each other on and in the end came a respectable 5th place.

Well done to all involved!

Bonfire Night at Woodthorpe

Mrs McGrath covers PPA in Y4JB and Y6AP on a Thursday, as today (November 5th) was Bonfire Night, both classes learnt about Guy Fawkes and his gunpowder plot.

The children in both classes researched fireworks, looking at how they are made and then made their own models.

As well as model making and researching facts. The children created poems and factsheets about Guy Fawkes. We hope you enjoy our learning, pop into school to see our display.

We finished the day by munching on Bonfire toffee.

Harvest at Woodthorpe

On Tuesday 20th October Woodthorpe celebrated the harvest festival. The assembly was attended by Father Philip who explained what harvest meant and how it was nice to do good deeds for other. Also in attendance was Kenny, from Manor Salvation Army. The food that we received from the generous parents and children was collected by Kenny and was going to the S2 food bank.

As a school we would like to give a big thank you to all the parents and children who gave so generously, the amount of food we received was amazing and humbling. The food supplies will be helping families in the school community who may be struggling financially to provide.

Family Learning Programme 2015/16

We are delighted to tell you that there is going to be a full and exciting programme of family learning for this school year.

Find out more about our programme for 2015/16 on our Parent's Area - Family Learning page ...

School Council Results

School Council results are in!

Congratulations to:

Finlay and Ashlea (Y1) : Cerys and Callum (Y2) : Logan and Maddison (Y3)

Sam and Jess (Y4) : Millie and Brandon (Y5) : Dylan, Bradley, Pegah, Akos and Oliwia (Y6)


Their first challenge is to find out 'What makes Woodthorpe Brilliant?' If you see them around, make sure you tell them!

Fundraising at Woodthorpe

We are really proud of the fundraising efforts that the Woodthorpe Community has taken part in over the last year. A breakdown of your efforts can be found below:

  • Discos - 1446.80
  • Donations from productions - 322.92
  • Ice pop sales - 237.13
  • Donation from Grapples - 100
  • Old Uniform Sales - 32.50
  • Christmas Fair - 585.69
  • Donation from Karate Club - 200

Grand Total = 2925.04

A huge thank you to all of you who have supported your children with this amazing total. The school council are now in consultation with the governing body in order to decide ways in which to spend it! Keep your eyes peeled for further developments.

Ofsted Inspection Report

Please read the Inspection Report from our recent OFSTED visit. The team found many strengths at Woodthorpe and concluded that we are a GOOD school! We are very pleased with some of the comments they made and the positive aspects that they noted.

As always our children were the real stars of the show - impressing the inspection with their usual charm, indeed the team commented 'pupils are polite, friendly and considerate to others' - but we knew that already!! They were also impressed with the way we work together as a team - children, parents and staff, saying: 'relationships are a real strength and give pupils the confidence to try hard'.

Thank you, and well done to all involved!

"The best school I've ever worked in!"

We are proud to announce that Woodthorpe Community Primary has been re-assessed against the Investors in People Standards. Our assessor, Andy Richardson, carried out a thorough review of our approaches to staff involvement and development and was delighted to announce that we again met the standard. He commented:

"Having carried out the assessment process rigorously and in accordance with the guidance for Assessors produced by IDG Ltd, I am satisfied that Woodthorpe Community Primary School continues to meet the requirements of the Investors in People Standard. I am also pleased to announce the decision that the School works beyond the requirements of the Investors in People Standard and has achieved Silver Award in regards to those Evidence Requirements (ERs) reviewed as part of this assessment.

I would like to thank the School and everyone involved in the assessment for their hospitality, honesty, enthusiasm and integrity. I have been made to feel very welcome and thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone. I look forward to revisiting the School in 4 weeks time to further discuss the Continuous Improvement Plan appended to this report."

Comments and insights from staff are used to inform the assessors judgements and these included the following:

"This is a fantastic place to work - I never dread coming to work!".

"The best school I've ever worked in!"

"It's amazing what we have achieved here, given some of the challenges we face on a daily basis - it's so rewarding!"

"Head and shoulders above the rest, it's definitely a great place to work!".

The net effect of the people centric culture and the drive to high education, behavioural and social standards for the students have all left people at all levels with a highly positive perception of Woodthorpe.