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Our Aims


"At Woodthorpe we aim to ensure that your children have the best possible education that equips them with the skills, knowledge, qualities and values that will follow them through life.

We also aim to work closely with all members of our community to help children recognise the importance of collaboration and forming positive relationships."
- Dave Smith, Headteacher at Woodthorpe Community Primary School.

What's happening at Woodthorpe?

Star Learners

Our Star Learners this week are:

Y1: Abigail, Gracie, Leiroy, Jasmyn, Abbie.

Y2: Alex, Isac, Lilli, Malakie, Henley.

Y3: Libby, Morgan, Charlie, Faith.

Y4: Dwaine, Hardy, Zackary, Logan.

Y5: Jessica, Harvey, Jayden, Taylor, Megan.

Y6: Alicia, Jamie-lee, Katieann, Katie, Melessa.

See more on our Star Learners 2016/17 page ...

Dates for your Diary 2016/17

Please note the following dates for your diaries:

Tues 27th September 2016 - Photograph Day.

Tues 18th October 2016 - Fun Run.

Fri 21st October 2016 - School Break up for Half Term.

Mon 31st October 2016 - INSET Day.

Mon 1st November 2016 - Children return to school.

Tues 2nd November 2016 - Parents Evening.

Unwanted toys/books

The School Council are currently collecting any unwanted toys or books to raise money for Sheffield Children's Hospital.

If you can help with this please give any items to your class teacher. Thanks.

SEN (Special Educational Needs) Drop In

SEN (Special Educational Needs) Drop In every Wednesday from the 9th December 2015 at 9am till 10am.

An opportunity to speak to the SENCo's (Special Educational Needs Coordinators) Lindsey McGrath and Jay Oliver.

Feel free to come along and ask any questions. We look forward to seeing you.

Ofsted Report

Please read the Inspection Report from our recent OFSTED visit. The team found many strengths at Woodthorpe and concluded that we are a GOOD school! We are very pleased with some of the comments they made and the positive aspects that they noted.

As always our children were the real stars of the show - impressing the inspection with their usual charm, indeed the team commented 'pupils are polite, friendly and considerate to others' - but we knew that already!! They were also impressed with the way we work together as a team - children, parents and staff, saying: 'relationships are a real strength and give pupils the confidence to try hard'.

Thank you, and well done to all involved!

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