Our Aims


"At Woodthorpe we aim to ensure that your children have the best possible education that equips them with the skills, knowledge, qualities and values that will follow them through life.

We also aim to work closely with all members of our community to help children recognise the importance of collaboration and forming positive relationships."
Dave Smith, Headteacher at Woodthorpe Community Primary School.

News from Woodthorpe

Welcome Back!

It's wonderful to have a school full of children again!

Please see our latest Newsletter for start and finish times and details of yeargroup entrance / exit gates.

Healthy Minds

Healthy Minds have prepared #BeatTheBoredom to help children and young people plan their day during COVID-19 measures, to support them to engage in activities which will best support a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Minds - Guidance for Beat the Boredom

Healthy Minds - Tips for Looking After You

The purpose of the planner is to support engagement with your child in thinking about their day and the things which help them to feel motivated and comforted.

The Every Mind Matters website also has some useful strategies to support wellbeing.

Attendance Matters!

We are very proud of our school, our staff and above all our children! Others however, including OFSTED, would judge us unfavourably with an attendance of 94%.

The National Average Attendance
for Primary Schools is 96%.

2% below national may not sound a lot but it equates to 6% of our children having approximately 9 days off each per year. Please help us to address this problem by ensuring your child attends every possible day!


At school we have the means to support families in numerous ways and have sign posted many to other organisations which can offer support and advice.

See our Attendance Matters letter for details of the steps we are taking to improve attendance at Woodthorpe.

Also see our Holiday Absence - Attendance Matters letter for more information of how holiday absence affects a child's education.

Diary Dates 2020/21

Please note the following dates for your diaries:

Tues 01.09.20 - Inset Day

Weds 02.09.20 - 2020/21 Academic Year begins!

Woodthorpe School App

For Android devices, download the Woodthorpe App from Google Play.

For iOS devices (iPhone, iPad), the Woodthorpe School App can be downloaded from the App Store.

Ofsted Report

The Ofsted Report following the inspection in November 2018 has been published and is available to download, as is our Ofsted Report Letter.