Mission, Vision and Values

Woodthorpe Primary is an inclusive school which utilises an innovative and exciting learning environment through a challenging and relevant curriculum. This seeks to develop the full potential of every child in all subjects.   Learning is celebrated in all forms; we aim to partner high-quality teaching with extra-curricular and active learning to excite and engage all pupils. We set our standards high and as a result the achievement of our children is excellent.

Inclusion is key at Woodthorpe Primary School, we are proud to belong to a highly diverse community which is celebrated and represented amongst our students and our staff.  It is hugely important for us to be central to our community, as a resource for lifelong learning and a partner in regeneration, and so we encourage at every opportunity participation in the community from our pupils and parents.

All staff at Woodthorpe Primary School are professional, skilled and highly motivated, they care deeply for the school, children, and community. We aim to support our staff by investing in their continuous development and effective systems which support the best education for all our pupils.

Our aim is that all children are taught in a happy, healthy, safe and secure environment. As a result, we know our children are prepared for their next steps as courageous, self-motivated and independent learners with the skills and compassion to be responsible citizens in a diverse and rapidly changing society.

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