Foundation Stage 1 2019/20

Autumn 2 Term

This half term our question is: 'Where in the World is that?'

We are reading a story called Killer Gorilla, and learning about some of the locations in the book - China, the USA, Africa and the Arctic.

We will be making artwork, trying food, playing games from around the world.


The FS1 2019/20 Yearly Overview is available to download.

Our FS1 Home Learning Challenge - 2019/20 Autumn 2 is also available.

Autumn 1 Term

In FS1 our topic is 'How far can Sheffield go?'

We are learning about Helen Sharman, and finding out if we could become an astronaut/cosmonaut.

We have looked at diet and exercise, and we are making lots of space related things like planets and rockets.

Our FS1 Home Learning Challenge - Autumn 1 is available to download.