Foundation Stage 1 2021/22

Welcome to Foundation Stage 1

Welcome to Woodthorpe Community Primary School Nursery.

We very much hope that you and your child will enjoy your time at Nursery.

Spring 2 Term

Our learning journey this half term is 'Where is Art? Is it here? Is it there?'

In FS1 we will be making art out of anything and everything.

Do you need a paintbrush and paper to make a work of art? No! You can make faces out of playdough, robots from scrap boxes, patterns with pebbles - anything goes.

Can you make something beautiful and interesting from the materials around you? Give it a try!

FS1 Downloads for Spring 2

FS1 Knowledge Organiser - Where is Art? Is it here? Is it there?



Spring 1 Term

Our learning journey this half term is 'Who is celebrating right now?'

We are learning about Chinese New Year - the story of the Chinese Zodiac and why the years are named after different animals.

Why are Chinese New Year decorations red and gold? How do Chinese people celebrate the festival? Which Chinese New Year animal are you?


FS1 Downloads for Spring 1

FS1 Knowledge Organiser - Who is celebrating right now?



Autumn 2 Term

This half term in FS1 we are looking back in time at old stories. Stories with amazing characters like unicorns, princesses, knights, trolls and dragons. Especially dragons!

Our main story for the half term will be 'Zog' by Julia Donaldson (we liked the Gruffalo a lot).

We will be dressing up, playing different characters and learning to count dragon eggs before they hatch.

If you know any old fairytale stories we'd love to hear them!

FS1 Downloads for Autumn 2

FS1 Knowledge Organiser - Who are dragons, witches, knights, giants and wizards?

FS1 Home Learning Challenge - 2021/22 Autumn 2



Autumn 1 Term

In FS1 our Autumn 1 topic is all about where we live and the other creatures that share our environment.

Maybe you've seen a frog in your garden, a fox in your bin or a spider in your bath? We are going to find out about nature nearby, learn all the names and as many facts as we can.

We are even going on a walk to the woods so we have a chance of spotting more.


FS1 Downloads for Autumn 1

FS1 Knowledge Organiser - Where is my place? Who and what live in my place too?