Foundation Stage 1 2017/18

Summer Term 1

Our topic for this half term is 'Can you build a story?'.

We are learning about characters, settings and story events. What do you need to make a story? We will be performing our own version of a fairy tale at the end of the half term, changing characters and creating some of our own ideas.

We will also begin to grow plants in our garden as the weather Improves. There might be some pets appearing in our classroom too ...

Our FS1 Home Learning Challenge - Summer 1 is available to download.

Spring Term 2

Welcome back to FS1 for the new half term. This half term our topic is called 'Who are the goodies and who are the baddies?'

It will focus on two things:

  • Action figures, dolls and puppets - toys you can act out a scene with.
  • Good things and bad things - what makes something good or bad?

Our home learning for the next five weeks will be linked to the learning we are doing in class. Sharing the learning in school will really help your child get the most out of the new topic.

Mr Walters will be holding a workshop on early reading and how to get the most out of shared reading books with your child. If you are able to attend, book a place with a member of FS1 staff. There are two dates available - either Monday 5th March 2:00-3:00pm OR Friday 9th March 9:00-10:00am.

This half term we will be having our early bird week - from Monday 12th March. This will include opportunities and activities for your child if they arrive in FS1 on time at 8:50am.

The FS1 Parent Letter - 2017/2018 Spring 2 gives all the details and more.

Spring Term 1

Our curriculum journey for this half term is ... 'What's your number?'.

We have been looking at numbers that are important to us like our age, house number, number songs and what number we can count up to.

Part of our home learning is to make our house with our house number on. Our destination will be to create our own town from the houses we have made.

We have also made biscuits in the shape of numicon.

The FS1 Yearly Overview 2017/18 explains our Curriculum Journey for this half term.

Spring Term 1 Learning

Autumn Term 2

Winter wonderland will be our topic this half term. We will be exploring the question 'Are we all the same or are we different like snowflakes?'

We will be learning about how we can all be the same and different at the same time.

As part of our topic we will be creating our own Winter Wonderland and looking at the creatures that live there.

The FS1 Yearly Overview 2017/18 explains what we will learn this half term.

Autumn Term 2 Learning

Autumn Term 1

Our topic this half term is 'Wheels - How far can you go?'.

We will be learning about moving things and rolling things.

The FS1 Yearly Overview 2017/18 gives some idea of what we will learn this academic year.

Our FS1 Home Learning Challenge - Autumn 1 is also available to download.



Autumn Term 1 Learning