Pupil Voice

Mini Police

The Mini Police program involves selecting children from primary schools to act as junior police officers. These children are given special uniforms and badges and are involved in various activities such as assisting with community events, promoting safety messages, and learning about the role of the police in society. The program aims to build trust and positive relationships between children and the police, as well as to educate them about issues such as safety, respect, and citizenship.

Student Council

Meet our School Council! They have recently been elected by the other children in their year group and are eager to get going, carrying out a variety of duties across the school. 
The School Council are chosen by other children in their class and are representative of the whole school community. They play a vital role in our work as a school and make sure the children’s voice is always central to any decisions we take.
We are very proud of all our children for electing such a fantastic school council and we know they will carry out their duties with determination and flair!