Woodthorpe Sport

Our Trust Vision Statement

Sport forms an integral part of a pupil's life at Woodthorpe Community Primary School. The school's aim is to encourage healthy living, inclusion and ensure progression and enjoyment in all areas of Physical Education. Crucially, we believe that every child should be given the opportunity to develop their potential to the very best of their abilities in competitive and non-competitive sports. For this reason we provide pupils with the opportunity to gain fulfilment and a love of sport which will stay with them for life.

Alongside the two PE lessons which pupils participate in each week, they are also encouraged to commit to at least one team sport in the after-school activities programme, (we work hard to provide pathways to local sports clubs, as well as community clubs), although pupils are encouraged to pursue other talents and interests as well. We provide access to School Games, as well as Forge School Sport Partnership competitions, for all year groups. Through competition and challenge we want pupils to be able to celebrate the occasions when they are successful, whilst realising that sportsmanship and fair play have a key role to play in the sporting world and their adult life.

We in our Trust Primary Schools believe in the value of P.E. and Sport. We have committed to buying the 'Elite' package of Forge School Sport Partnership with our 'P.E. and School Sport Grant [Sport Premium]. For more information about Forge SSP and the competitions we participate in, please refer to the Forge SSP website - www.forge-ssp.co.uk

2019/20 Autumn Term After School Sports

This autumn term has seen many sporting opportunities for all ages. There has been a variety of clubs running including, morning active clubs, lunch time clubs and after school clubs such as gymnastics, athletics and dance with more to follow in the coming term.

The children have shown amazing enthusiasm throughout all clubs and the pupils that took part in dance are looking forward to performing soon.

Day Morning Lunch time After school
Monday Multi-sport
Activity Club
Activity Club
Tuesday Dazzle Dance
All ages
Gymnastics - Year 3/4
Wednesday Multi-sport
Activity Club
Activity Club
Ultimate Frisbee - Y6
Thursday     Dance - Year 4/5
Boys Football
Athletics - Year 4

Sport Funding

What is 'Sport Funding' and how are we spending it in our school?

This grant [also known as the 'Sport Premium'], is £17,630 for our school, which will be given annually from the Department of Education and Department of Health.

A detailed breakdown of how this is spent is available on the PE Action Plan 2019/20. However the majority is allocated on staff training, ensuring quality of delivery and opportunity. Some examples of this are outlined below:

  • Forge School Sport Partnership Elite Package, which includes training sports leaders, access to intra and inter competitions, as well as cross-curricular competitions. Lunchtime Supervisor training, 2 x twilight bespoke CPD sessions. Six 6 week blocks of sports coaching support, which may be a lunch club, after-school club and curriculum support. Youth Sport Trust membership.
  • We buy in P.E. specialist time to support the P.E. coordinator in school, to assist with the coordination of the 'Elite' package, offering curriculum support, as well as competition support to enhance the quality of P.E. This includes targeted support for individual staff members to develop planning, subject knowledge and delivery to improve outcomes for pupils.
  • Occasionally, where necessary, it will be used to provide transport to and from competitions, both School Games and Forge SSP competitions, which children will prepare for within lesson and after-school club time.
  • Additional equipment throughout the year may be required for our varied P.E. curriculum, enhanced by the 'Elite' SSP package, and detailed on our P.E. development plan.
  • Additional sports coaching within lesson time to enhance a particular block of work, development towards a competition, as well as after-school clubs, detailed on the development plan.
  • Active days / weeks engaging the whole school community in a range of sporting events - utilising support of external coaches and positive role models - offering a range of inspiration and opportunity.

2019/20 Sport Funding

The PE Action Plan outlines our spending plans for the current academic year and is available to download:

Swimming at Woodthorpe


As a school, Woodthorpe Primary provides 36 weeks of swimming for the Y4 children, this is done weekly. By providing it across the year the children are able to significantly advancement in their swimming skills, which increases their confidence within the water.

National Curriculum requirement, children need to:

  • Swim on front or back over a distance of at least 25 metres
  • Use a range of strokes effectively over a distance of 10 metres (for example, front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke)
  • Perform safe self-rescue (Water Safety)

2018/19 - Y6 2020/21

Children in Y4 go swimming every week. Across the year we are really proud of the progress they make and the confidence this builds. In order to meet the National Curriculum requirement, children need to:

  • Swim on front or back over a distance of at least 25 metres
  • Use a range of strokes effectively over a distance of 10 metres (for example, front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke)
  • Perform safe self-rescue (Water Safety)

Below is a table which demonstrates this progress! Well done everybody for all your hard work!

Group 1 Starting Ability Finishing Ability
Total in class 29 27
Number not assessed 0 0
Non Swimmers 62.07% 7.41%
1-10m 24.14% 11.11%
11-24m 10.34% 14.81%
25m+ 3.45% 66.67%
Range of Strokes --- 70.37%
Water Safety --- 96.3%
Group 2 Starting Ability Finishing Ability
Total in class 30 29
Number not assessed 1 0
Non Swimmers 62.07% 6.9%
1-10m 17.24% 17.24%
11-24m 17.24% 10.34%
25m+ 3.45% 65.52%
Range of Strokes --- 72.41%
Water Safety --- 100%

2017/18 - Y6 2019/20

The table below summarises the achievement of our current Y6 children in Swimming. The majority of these children had their lessons in Y4, some however, had additional input last year as well.

Current Y6 Starting Ability Finishing Ability
Total in class 60 60
Number not assessed 0 0
Non Swimmers 63.47% 5.15%
1-10m 23.41% 10.11%
11-24m 10.55% 16.52%
25m+ 2.57% 68.22%
Range of Strokes --- 72.37%
Water Safety --- 97.2%

Sports News

Cyro Sports

We were visited by Cryo sports who gave us an opportunity to take part in some alternative sports such as zorbing and archery.

Activity Club

The main focus for activity club is to support children with their gross motor skills as well as working on team work. In the club they participate in a variety of skills. It is a chance for the children to mix socially and develop their confidence.


We were visited and coached by DS Taekwondo who is a British Champion athlete. We learned skills needed to take part in Taekwondo as well as some of the attributes needed.

Mini Olympics at the English Institute of Sport

This half term our Year 2s took part in the mini Olympics competition at the English Institute of Sport, where they came 1st in their heats. Massive congratulations to them.

Meanwhile, our Year 5 and 6s took part in a City wide Netball competition at Goals Sports Centre. Unfortunately we did not get in to the top 3, however we had a great time and still managed to score a few points.

Sheffield Schools Gymnastics

The Key stage 2 gymnastics team recently took part in the Sheffield Schools gymnastics competition at Hillsborough Leisure Centre.

Y4/Y5 Orienteering Sheffield Finals

On Tuesday 20th May, Woodthorpe children attended an orienteering event at Stradbroke.

Facing an unknown area the children collaborated effectively in teams to secure places in the South Yorkshire Finals!!

Y5/Y6 Athletics

Woodthorpe's Athletics team attended the annual Athletics competition at Woodburn Road Stadium. Not only were the children courageous and motivated, they supported each other and showed team spirit!

More children made it through to the finals than any other year!!! A very successful year for the athletics team!

Y4 Drax Cricket

Throughout the past term Y4's have been learning how to play cricket during their physical education lessons.

Selections of children were then chosen to represent Woodthorpe at the Drax Cricket competition at Hollinsend Cricket Club. Once again the Y4's were fantastic!

Tag Rugby Competition

On Tuesday 6th May, the Y6's represented Woodthorpe in the Tag Rugby Competition. Working together as a team they played against others schools.

After winning two matches in the group stages we got through to the quarter finals!

Sport Relief

On Friday 21st March 2014 all the children at Woodthorpe took part in various events to raise money for Sport Relief. The children dressed up as sports players, competed in the 1 mile run ... and the Y6's played the teachers in an exhilarating football match!

To top off the fun day we managed to raise £912.00!!! A massive thank you to everyone who took part and contributed to the day!

Y2 Sports Event

A selected group of year 2 children attended a Sports Hall Athletics and Sitting Volleyball competition at the EIS in Sheffield.

The children collaborated as a team to compete against other schools. Every child left the events with massive smiles on their face from having a fun filled day!


Woodthorpe's gymnastics team attended a competition at Hillsborough Leisure Centre. The Y3/4 and Y5/6 teams had spent weeks training to improve and develop their routine. The children performed their routines in front of judges and did Woodthorpe proud!

Y3/4's came 8th out of 16 and the Y5/6's came 4th out of 16! Well done everyone!

Y2 Sportshall Athletics

On Tuesday 20th November the Year 2s attended Sportshall Athletics at the English Institute of Sport. Every child took part in jumping, throwing and running events.

Precious Lekaj and Kian Ball were awarded special determination awards for persevering throughout the afternoon.

Sheffield Basketball Finals

The Sheffield Basketball Finals were held on 13th November and this year's Y4/Y5 Basketball Team were the first team to make it into the finals in 8 years at Woodthorpe!!

They collaborated together as a team showing brilliant determination and perseverance.

Woodthorpe made it into the semi-finals but unfortunately lost ... and so Woodthorpe took 4th place. Everyone played a role in the team and should be very proud of their achievements!


On Wednesday 8th November, 11 children played in the Basketball Family Festival. Everyone showed great collaboration and worked together as a team to take 2nd place.

With coming 2nd place we qualified for the City Finals at All Saints which will be held on Tuesday 13th November! Good luck team!!