Star Learners 2018/19 - Spring Term

Star Learners 15 February 2019

Our Star Learners this week are:

Y1: Aaliyah, Morgan, Isla, Brooke, Jake, Yasmin.

Y2: Dylan, Joshua, Reneyah, Jayden-Lee.

Y3: Marley, Brooke, Miah, Ellis.

Y4: Jayden, Alex, Brooke, Thomas.

Y5: Alicia, Isla, Tihanna, Ore.

Y6: Anais, Josh, Harmony, Tyler, Huguette, Mitchell, Kaci, Laytan, Chanelle, Reece.

Speedy Spellers:

Ming Ming, Isabelle, Oliver, Eskander.

Star Swimmers:

Isabel and Malakie.

Out-of-school Award Winners:

Oliver - Football. Rhys - Swimming. Richard - Football.

Star Learners 11 January 2019

Our Star Learners this week are:

Y1: Pixie-May, Travis, Jan, Sapphire.

Y2: Harlen, Tyler, Lucas, Marcus.

Y3: Nathan, Gracie, Maisy, Jahfari, Marley.

Y4: Holly, Khye, Bawan, Aris, Harley.

Y5: Amelia, Scarlett, Davy, Kyron, Alicia.

Y6: Molly, Kartel, Kaci, Rylie, Josh.

Our star teachers of the week are:

Mr Murray and Mrs Perkins.

Quick Maths Champions:

Altahir, Bernie and Tommy.

The winners for the best average quick maths score:

Lower KS2 : Y4JD.

Upper KS2 : Y5SC/LMcG.


Alex has won a football tournament over Christmas and has the enormous trophy to prove it!

Star Learners 2018/19 - Autumn Term

Star Learners - Autumn Term 2018/19

The star learners of the Autumn Term are:

FS1: Sara. FS2: Mila-Rose and Ebenezer.

Y1: Sofia, Kelante and Harry.

Y2: Esme and Alvin. Y3: Logan and Mayson.

Y4: Isaac, Ruby and Ashton.

Y5: Abbie and Ruby.

Y6: Harmony, Edgar and Logan.