Welcome to Woodthorpe Community Primary School

A message from our Headteacher...

Dear parents, carers and families,

Thank you for visiting Woodthorpe Community Primary School's website. We hope you like it!

At Woodthorpe we aim to ensure that your children have the best possible education that equips them with the skills, knowledge, qualities and values that will follow them through life. We also aim to work closely with all members of our community to help children recognise the importance of collaboration and forming positive relationships.

I look forward to working in close partnership with you to ensure that all children at Woodthorpe are given every opportunity to enjoy learning, to thrive and to achieve their full potential in a happy, stimulating, vibrant community school.

Our website aims to provide parents, carers and families at Woodthorpe with up to date news, forthcoming events and regular snapshots of children's exciting learning experiences.

We would welcome any positive feedback or suggestions and ideas to develop our website further.

Thank you and best wishes,

Dave Smith


...and our Chair of Governors.

On behalf of the Governing Body of Woodthorpe Community Primary School, I would like to add my welcome to all visitors to our website.

I hope that you will find it a bright, informative and welcoming place, just like our school!

The Governing Body's role is to give the school a strategic direction. We don't get involved in the day to day operation of the school but set the framework within which the school is managed. The Governing Body is very proud of what the school consistently achieves and has a real determination to do even better in the future. We have great plans to take the school forward in the coming years and the Governing Body aims to support, assist and be a 'critical friend' to the Head Teacher and Staff in the delivery of the School Improvement Plan.

Do take a moment to visit the Governors page and find out a little more about us and how we work together with school to create a happy and productive environment for our children.

If you want to contact me then I'd be happy to hear from you. You can contact me through the school office.

David Parkin

Chair of Governors