Year 2 2018/19

Autumn 2 Term

In year two this half term we are asking the question 'What's living in the tin forest?'.

We have studied the book The Tin Forest by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson and used it as inspiration for our art learning. So far we have created our own tin forest using a printing technique. Soon, we will be adding brightly coloured flowers to our forest to make it come to life!

In science we are experimenting with planting. Our scientific question is 'Do all plants grow the same?'. To help us find the answer we have planted marigold, basil, broad bean, radish and cress seeds. Stay tuned to find out the results of our experiment.

Things you might like to download ...

Speedy Spellings!

The Y2 Speedy Spellings are available to download.

to happiness Monday January bridge
too singing Tuesday February huge
two dropping Wednesday March magic
one fattest Thursday April giant
would sunny Friday May door
should crying Saturday June table
could cry Sunday July square
when cried   August animal
what joyful   September race
went slowly   October pencil
want babies   November treasure
little     December knee
all       any
write       everybody
wrote       walk
there       other
their       kind