Year 2 2021/22

Welcome to Year 2!

Welcome to the Year 2 Yeargroup page.

Our Y2 teachers this year are Miss Ashley and Ms Lawson.

Our PE days are Monday and Thursday (Y2IA) and Monday and Friday (Y2JL).

As always, we look forward to working with you this year. If you have any questions, please come and speak to any member of the Y2 team.

Spring 2 Term

Welcome back to school!

This half term Year Two is asking the question 'What Would Malala Plan For Pakistan?'. In English, we will be taking inspiration from the story 'Malala's Magic Pencil' to write our own narratives.

In History, we will be learning about the 1947 partition of India and Pakistan. We will learn about the civil rights leader Mahatma Gandhi and what he did to help gain India's independence. We will be developing our drawing skills in Art by creating our own Mandalas. In Science, we will learn how different animals obtain their food in a food chain.

P.E days this term: Miss Lawson's class - Monday and Fridays. Miss Ashley's class - Monday and Thursdays.

Y2 Downloads for Spring 2

Y2 Knowledge Organiser - Science - Food Chains

Y2 Knowledge Organiser - History - The Partition of India and Pakistan

Y2 Knowledge Organiser - RHSE - Spring 2


Spring 1 Term

Happy New Year and welcome back to school!

This half term year 2 is asking the question 'Can Anybody Change The Future?'. We will be learning how technology has changed and adapted over time. We will explore how this has impacted on our lives and how it could impact our future.

In History, we will be learning about extraordinary inventors who have changed the way in which people communicate through their inventions. In Science, we will be exploring the things that are alive, dead and have never been alive. We will take inspiration from the artist Banksy during our Art and Design lessons.

Our P.E days remain the same for both classes and we are learning multi-skills and gymnastics. Please continue to send your child in P.E clothes and no earrings on these days.

Y2 Downloads for Spring 1

Y2 Knowledge Organiser - Science - Animals and Living Things

Y2 Knowledge Organiser - History - Communication Then and Now

Y2 Knowledge Organiser - RHSE - Spring 1


Autumn 1 Term

This half term Y2 will be asking the question 'Does everybody have the right to explore?'.

In History, we will be learning about and comparing the explorers Neil Armstrong and Matthew Henson. We will evaluate how they have impacted our lives.

We will be taking inspiration from Neil Armstrong's missions to Space and during our D&T lessons we will be learning how to design and construct our own moon buggies. In Science, we will be identifying the properties of different materials. We will test which materials are most suitable and use those to make our moon buggy.

Y2 Downloads for Autumn 2

Y2 Knowledge Organiser - History - Intrepid Explorers

Y2 Knowledge Organiser - Science - Use of Everyday Materials


Autumn 1 Term

This term our learning will be centred around answering the question 'Where would you wish to live: Sheffield or Shanghai?'.

Our learning will be influenced by the film 'Wish Dragon' that is based in the city of Shanghai. In our English learning, we will be thinking about the characters in this film and creating a character description about one of these.

In our Science learning we will be looking at how different animals are suited to their habitat and why. In Geography, we will be trying to answer our learning journey question by researching the similarities and differences between Sheffield and Shanghai and deciding where we would wish to live.

All of our learning this term will link to our whole school curriculum question 'Where in the world do I fit in?'.

Y2 Downloads for Autumn 1

Y2 Knowledge Organiser - Geography - Sheffield to Shanghai

Y2 Knowledge Organiser - Science - Habitats