Year 2 2019/20

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Spring 2 Term

This half term has a scientific focus and we are asking, 'Would Neil Armstrong find plants on the moon?'.

As part of our Science learning we will be looking at what plants need in order to grow. In History we will be finding out why Neil Armstrong is famous and then comparing him to the explorer Christopher Columbus. As part of Art and Design we will use printing techniques to create a piece of art inspired by the moon.

In PE we will continue our learning about Neil Armstrong by finding out how he got fit and healthy in order to go to space. We will complete circuit training so that we can be astronauts too!

Y2 Downloads for Spring 2

Y2 Knowledge Organiser - Spring 2 - Science - Plants


Spring 1 Term

This half term our learning journey is called 'Who's that stomping over my bridge?'.

We will be re-writing the story of the three billy goats and linking our learning to the movie 'Trolls'.

Our learning journey destination will be a screening of our own performance of a story that we have created. We will perform using puppets that we are making in DT and we will use windows movie maker in Computing to create our video.

Y2 Downloads for Spring 1

Y2 Home Learning Challenge - 2019/20 Spring 1


Autumn 2 Term

Our learning journey question is 'Who is the unicorn of the sea?'.

This half term we are learning all about Antarctica. In Geography, we will be comparing Antarctica to the North Pole and learning about the human and physical features.

We are enjoying our non-fiction book called 'Above and Below' and reading about different habitats. In Science we will be furthering our learning about habitats by discussing how different animals and adapting to their environment.

In DT we will be making model of some of the animals that live in the arctic and antarctica.

Y2 Downloads for Autumn 2

Y2 Home Learning Challenge - 2019/20 Autumn 2


Autumn 1 Term

This half term our learning journey question is 'Is there a whole new world in Sheffield?'. As part of our learning children will be exploring different places of worship in Sheffield.

In our Geography learning we will be looking at Sheffield and comparing it to Dubai.

At the end of this half term we will be visiting Hollowford and the Peak Cavern for our residential. We will be linking our learning with the film 'Aladdin'.

Y2 Downloads for Autumn 1