Year 3 2019/20


Welcome back to school, and welcome to Key Stage 2!

This year, Mrs Plant, Miss Webb and Mrs Knight will lead our Year 3 team; we will be supported by Mrs Carlyle, Miss Draycott, and Mrs Gamban.

Can we remind all parents and carers to ensure that your child has a suitable PE kit in school?

As always, we look forward to working with you this year. If you have any questions, please come and speak to any member of the Y3 team.

Spring 2 Term

This half term has a Scientific focus, and we are asking the question, "Does the apple fall far from the tree?", looking at Forces and Magnets in Science. In History, we will be moving on chronologically from the Stone Age to study the Iron Age, and as part of Art & Design we are finding out about famous jewellery designers before designing our own Celtic brooches.

In PE we will be learning hockey skills, and in Computing we will be finding out about inputs and outputs. We are continuing our Time topic in Maths and learning how to write non-chronological reports and instructional writing in English.

Look out for a letter on the App with information about an exciting trip coming after the Easter holidays, and as always, feel free to come and talk to anyone in the Year 3 team about the learning we are doing this half term.

Y3 Downloads for Spring 2

Y3 Curriculum Overview - 2019/20 Spring 2

Y3 Knowledge Organiser - Spring 2 - Science - Forces & Magnets


Spring 1 Term

Spring 1 Review

What a fantastic half term we had last half term; we were overwhelmed by the amount of children and parents who came back for our Bedtime Story event where we snuggled down in our pyjamas and onesies with hot chocolate and cookies, and listened to teachers read stories before bed.

Shoe Box Appeal

Mrs Douglas's and Mrs Plant's class participated in the Shoe Box Appeal, packing the boxes with chocolates, books, stationery and many more goodies.

The boxes will be donated to the Manor Shoe Box Appeal.

Autumn 2 Term

This half term we are asking the question, "Is there magic in our world?"

After a successful visit last half term to Weston Park Museum to see the Joe Scarborough exhibition, we are planning another visit which will involve magic and writing. More details to follow.

Additionally, on Tuesday 19th November, we will be visiting the Manor library to meet the librarians, Fay and Debbie. Bring your library card to borrow a book. If you don't have library card, complete the library form (these are available at school) and send it in with your child and the librarians will issue a card during the visit so your child can borrow a book instantly. You are also very welcome to meet us at the library - just check with your child's class teacher for the visit times.

As our violin lessons continue in Y3, we will be inviting you to come and watch us practise in a music lesson one Wednesday morning - details to follow.

As ever, please come and ask us if you have any queries or concerns. We look forward to working alongside you this half term.

Y3 Downloads for Autumn 2

Y3 Home Learning Challenge - Autumn 2 2019/20


Autumn 2 Review

This half term has been a great success. The children have learnt all about volcanoes, where they are, what causes them and the advantages and disadvantages of living near them.

In our English learning, we have written instructions for turning our teachers in to frogs ... no teachers were harmed in this learning! We have also written stories based on The Snowman and the Snowdog.

As part of our design and technology learning, we made delicious flapjacks; proving that we can weigh and measure our ingredients correctly and that we can follow a recipe. The results were delicious!

Continuing our journey in to learning to play the violin, the children have been finding out just how difficult it is to use the bow to play. On Wednesday 15th January, we invite all parents and carers to our violin lesson/performance at 2pm in the school hall.

Our Autumn 2 Learning

In Year 3, the children were looking at different rocks; we went on a rock finding mission ...

The children had a range of rocks and had to identify what type of rock they were, such as igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary.

Y3JP brought in some buns and biscuits and decorated them in a christmas style!

Autumn 1 Term

During this half term our school learning journey question will be "What makes us who we are?" with Year 3 asking, "Who am I?"

We are focusing on being a 'Sheffielder' and linking our learning to the writer Berlie Doherty and the artist Joe Scarborough. We are planning a visit to Weston Park Museum later this half term to see the Joe Scarborough exhibition as well as a visit to our local community library. Details to follow.

This year your child will also start music lessons in association with The Sheffield Music Hub and learn to play the violin as part of their curriculum.

Y3 Downloads for Autumn 1

Y3 Home Learning Challenge - Autumn 1 2019/20


Our Autumn 1 Learning

In RE the children are learning about Islam and Judaism; two parents came in to school and spoke to the children about what it involved being a muslim.

The children learnt about the clothing worn, the food that is eaten and where worship takes place.

The parents also answered questions from the children.


In Year 3 the children have been learning about Islam and Judaism, the children have been looking at the similarities and differences between the two religions.

We have looked at clothing, places of worships and food. One of the parents made us a cake to celebrate the end of the learning, it was delicious!

We went on a visit to Weston Park Museum to see the Joe Scarborough exhibition ...