Year 4 2019/20

Autumn 1 Term

This term, in Y4, we are going to investigate jobs, and our journey question is 'How might I earn a living?'

We are interested in finding out about the jobs that people are doing currently, and jobs that have been done in the past. If there is an adult in the family who would feel able to come and talk to the children about their job and what it involves please make contact with a member of the Y4 team.

On the 2nd of October we will be visiting a job fair at Bramall Lane, and at our destination (on Tuesday 22nd October) we will be holding our own Job Fair to share our findings with our visitors.

Our Y4 Overview - 2019/20 Autumn 1 is available to download.

Our Home Learning Challenge - 2019/20 Autumn 1 is also available.

Our Autumn 1 Learning

In Year 4, we are learning about inspirational people. Two children wrote the following from the first session:

Quick Maths

The Y4 Quick Maths Test is available to download ...

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