Year 4 2019/20

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Spring 2 Term

This half term, Y4 children are learning about the Tudors.

In the coming weeks, we will be finding out more about the Spanish Armada, Sir Francis Drake and how he tried to invade Britain.




Y4 Downloads for Spring 2

Y4 Knowledge Organiser - Spring 2 - History

Y4 Knowledge Organiser - Spring 2 - Science

Our Spring 2 Learning

This week, we went on a trip to Manor Lodge where we saw the ruins of the castle, made our own inventory using quill and ink along with meeting Bess of Hardwick.

The children had an opportunity to dress as Tudor children and explore the castle where Mary Queen of Scots was held. We had great fun dressing up, inspecting Tudor medicines and hearing all about Tudor traditions.

Spring 1 Term

Our Spring 1 Learning

This half term, Spring 1, Y4 children are learning about the Vikings in Britain. This week, we had a visit from Erik Erikson. He brought a vast array of Viking style artefacts for us to learn about. We had great fun trying on the helmets, chain mail, shoes, hats and tunics that were the style that Vikings would have worn.

Because we have learnt so much, on the 13th of February we will be challenging our parents and carers to answer quiz questions about the Vikings!

Autumn 2 Term

Autumn 2 is going to be exciting as we are asking:

'Is Christmas in Australia upside down?'

We are going to be visiting Magna to help us with the science we will be doing, and by the end of the half term we will have made mini surf boards for a competition!



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Y4 Curriculum Overview - 2019/20 Autumn 2


Our Autumn 2 Learning

In Year 4, the children were understanding the state of matter of a wide range of materials. The children had a range of materials and had to decide if they were solids or liquids and explain their reasoning.

The children learnt about gases during their science lesson. We had a range of solid materials in plastic bottles, such as stones and pasta. The children had to observe what happened when water was poured into the containers.

In Year 4, the children were conducting a range of experiments about condensation, evaporation and precipitation.

Y4JD showed off their creative skills by decorating biscuits and buns in preparation for Christmas.

Autumn 1 Term

This term, in Y4, we are going to investigate jobs, and our journey question is 'How might I earn a living?'

We are interested in finding out about the jobs that people are doing currently, and jobs that have been done in the past. If there is an adult in the family who would feel able to come and talk to the children about their job and what it involves please make contact with a member of the Y4 team.

On the 2nd of October we will be visiting a job fair at Bramall Lane, and at our destination (on Tuesday 22nd October) we will be holding our own Job Fair to share our findings with our visitors.

Y4 Downloads for Autumn 2

Y4 Curriculum Overview - 2019/20 Autumn 1

Home Learning Challenge - 2019/20 Autumn 1

Our Autumn 1 Learning

In Year 4, we are learning about inspirational people. Two children wrote the following from the first session:

The Y4s are gettting ready for Halloween and decorated some biscuits ready for the occasion.

At the end of Autumn 1 we had a great time when our parents and carers visited our Job Fair. Many of them said they would now consider a change of career!

Y4 Other News

Star Writer 2019/20

Quick Maths

The Y4 Quick Maths Test is available to download ...

Shoe Box Appeal

Mrs Douglas's and Mrs Plant's class participated in the Shoe Box Appeal, packing the boxes with chocolates, books, stationery and many more goodies.

The boxes will be donated to the Manor Shoe Box Appeal.