Year 4 2018/19

Summer 2 Term

During Summer 1 we had a great time learning about the Spanish Armada and imagining we had been there.

It is hard to believe that we are nearing the end of the school year, and Y4 intend to go out with a splash! We have enjoyed our swimming lessons so much we are hoping to be able to visit Hathersage pool for our last swim together.

In our DT lessons we will be working on making a lunch bag to take with us on our visit, and our geography will help us to learn why settlements were built near water.

Hopefully we will have plenty of sunny days so we can take our learning outside.

Our Y4 Overview - 2018/2019 Summer 2 is available to download.

Our Home Learning Challenge - 2018/19 Summer 2 is also available.

Summer 1 Term

Summer 1 in Y4 is going to focus on the events of the Spanish Armada.

As well as learning about the event itself we will be investigating water based art.

In science we will be learning about the ear and hearing.



Our Y4 Overview - 2018/2019 Summer 1 is available to download.

Our Home Learning Challenge - 2018/19 Summer 1 is also available.

Spring 2 Term

For Spring 2 we are asking 'How can we challenge climate change?'.

During the first week we are having a visit from James Veness who has first hand experience of the affect global warming is having in Antarctica, and we will be having a sleepover in school to help us understand what is 'essential' to our survival and comfort!


Our Y4 Overview - 2018/2019 Spring 2 is available to download.

Our Home Learning Challenge - 2018/19 Spring 2 is also available.

Our Spring 2 Learning

Last Thursday night (28th February) Y4 stayed overnight in school. We were imagining that global warming had flooded the area, therefore we had to set up camp in school. Having food is important to survival, so the first activity was a scavenger hunt to find food!

It was then necessary to create somewhere to sleep and we slept in different classrooms. We used large sheets of cardboard, old curtains and sheeting and our imagination!

We had our tea together (chips, sausage and chicken nuggets - collected before the flood hit). Once we had eaten we put the finishing touches to our dens, then gathered in the Suite to watch a movie.

Finally, it was time to sleep whether we were tired or not. The hardest part of all was packing everything away so that we could have breakfast. It was great fun, and made us think about survival.

Spring 1 Term

Our journey in Spring 1 is taking us to The Roman Empire and we are looking forward to finding out exactly what the Romans did for us!

Our Y4 Overview - 2018/2019 Spring 1 is available to download.

Our Home Learning Challenge - 2018/19 Spring 1 is also available.


Our Spring 1 Learning

During Spring 1 we learnt lots about the Ancient Roman Civilization. We followed a timeline and found out when Britain was invaded; investigated what their diet was like and how the digestive system works; re-wrote the story of Spartacus (a famous Roman gladiator) and ended the term with out own gladiatorial battle using Zorbing spheres and bows and arrows!

We invited our parents to join us in using clay to make models of teeth or mosaic pictures. We also helped them to be able to say their date of birth in French!

Autumn 2 Term

We had an amazing Autumn 1 half term learning about friction, and creating vehicles - some with wheels and some without. Our visit to Hesley Wood was fantastic - even though it rained a lot and we were soaked through! Sadly we couldn't have our camp fire, but we managed to do everything else that had been planned.

In Autumn 2 our journey title is, 'What tale does the print tell?'.

We are going to learn about the Yeti and Bigfoot, and then we are going to be making Christmas ornaments to sell at the Christmas Fair, and creating portraits in the style of Pablo Picasso; there is lots to look forward to!

Our Y4 Overview - 2018/2019 Autumn 2 is available to download.

Our Home Learning Challenge - 2018/19 Autumn 2 is also available.

Our Autumn 2 Learning

During Autumn 2 we had a great time learning about Bigfoot and the Yeti (and we are still not sure if they are real or not). We also enjoyed making Christmas ornament for the Christmas fair during which we raised nearly £200 towards our end of year celebration.

In our art lessons we looked at the work of Pablo Picasso and we made portraits in his style. We used them to create a calendar to take home as a gift.

Autumn 1 Term

Welcome to another exciting year in Year 4.

Our Curriculum Journey this half term is, 'Where are we going?'

As well as having plenty of amazing learning planned we are going on a residential! The 20th and 21st of September will find us doing our learning at Hesley Wood Scout Camp Site where we will be enjoying a range of challenging and fun activities. Watch this space for photos.

Our Y4 Overview - 2018/2019 Autumn 1 is available to download.

Our Home Learning Challenge - 2018/19 Autumn 1 is also available.

Speedy Spellings and Quick Maths

The 2018/19 Y3 / Y4 Speedy Spellings are available to download ...

said were where once friend
school because behind every beautiful
father improve sure could should
would who busy people half
accident actual although answer appear
believe caught certain describe different
eight continue address arrive breathe
build busy calendar centre century
mention probably remember separate though
thought through complete consider decide
disappear early      

... as is the Y4 Quick Maths Test. How many can you do?

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