Year 5 2021/22

Welcome to Year 5!

Welcome to the Y5 section of the website.

The Year 5 team are Mr Clark, Miss Rowland, Mrs Carlyle, Miss Hill, Miss Newton and Miss Perales.

PE days for Mr Clarke's class will be on a Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning.

PE days for Miss Hill's class are Monday afternoon and Friday morning. The children will need to come in their PE kits on these days.

If you have any questions, please come and speak to any member of the Y5 team.

Summer 1 Term

What a brilliant half term of learning it has been! The children loved learning all about the Ancient Mayans where they, made a Mayan hot chocolate, created Mayan frescoes in art and even played Ulama (a Mayan ball game) in PE. The children produced some fantastic stories in English and worked really hard in maths to learn about equivalent fractions and decimals.

We look forward to another successful half term, where our curriculum journey is focussed on North America. We will be learning map skills, sewing an American themed pencil case and writing narrative poems about North America. In PE we are learning to play basketball and rounders. We will be continuing our fractions learning in maths before moving on to learning about angles.

Y5 Downloads for Summer 1




Home Learning for Summer 1




Spring 2 Term

This half-term we will be looking at the question 'They say a picture paints a thousand words, but does it last a thousand years?'.

We will be learning all about the Ancient Maya civilisation over the next half term. We will start by discovering who the Maya were, and then will compare them to Saxon Britain. We will be making a variety of Maya art, including some traditional masks.

In Science, we will be learning about living things and habitats - the perfect topic as the season changes to spring! We are so excited to see your incredible learning this half term. Take a look at the Knowledge Organisers to find out more about our topics or to see activities you can try at home.

Y5 Downloads for Spring 1

Y5 Knowledge Organiser - History - The Mayans AD 900 VS Saxon Britain

Y5 Knowledge Organiser - Science - Living Things and their Habitats


Home Learning for Spring 2

Y5 Home Learning 2021/22 Spring 2 - Week 1




Spring 1 Term

This half-term we will be looking at the question 'It's tomorrow's world, what can we do for it today?'.

In Geography, we will be looking at environmental changes caused by physical and human impact, and using our knowledge to come up with sustainable solutions. In Science, we will investigate the properties and changes of materials.

We will be looking at Design and Technology this half term, and will excitingly be designing, making and evaluating our own electric car.

Y5 Downloads for Spring 1

Y5 Knowledge Organiser - Geography - Impact of humans on environment

Y5 Knowledge Organiser - Science - Properties and Changes of Materials


Home Learning for Spring 1

Y5 Home Learning 2021/22 Spring 1 - Week 3





Our Spring 1 Learning

Week Ending 14.01.22

What an amazing first two weeks we have had in Year 5! Y5LH's reporter of the week, Ethan, has been recording some of the great things that have been happening:

  • We started our DT topic on electric cars. Next week, we will use our designs and our knowledge of materials to begin constructing our frames.
  • In Science, we are experimenting with different materials. We looked at the properties of materials and how they suit an objects purpose. Next week, we will be experimenting with solubility.
  • In Maths, we started our multiplication and division topic by exploring factors, multiples and prime numbers. We are brilliant at making factor bugs!
  • In English, we are writing a science-fiction action scene based on a clip from The Iron Giant. Next week, we will do our warm and hot write. The talk homework will be physically sent out, along with the Home Learning sheet, on Monday and can be found below.
  • In Computing, we learnt how to assemble a crumble. We were even able to control the flashing and colour of a sparkle!
  • Tapiwanashe started to teach Y5LH Shona. He was an incredible teacher, and we are all looking forward to learning more!
  • We had four amazing star learners from Year 5, and even a superstar learner. Well done to Riley K for being a compassionate and diligent worker - you are a star!

Thank you for an incredible start Year 5!

Autumn 2 Term

This half term our learning journey is 'Are you British enough?'. We will be discussing what it means to be British.

Dear Diary,

I'm so happy to be starting the new term, the holidays were great, but I'm ready for learning again.

This half term our teachers have told us we will be engaging in some amazing learning across the curriculum. I'm so excited, I can't wait!

In English we will be writing diary accounts as a child travelling from the Caribbean to England on Empire Windrush in 1948. We will have to put ourselves in another person's shoes and discuss their emotions to travelling to another part of the world. This is why I'm practising diary writing now.

The history learning we will be encountering will be looking at the Windrush Generation. Our teachers have informed us we will be finding out why over 500,000 migrants from the Caribbean came to England between 1948 and 1973. We will be looking at the similarities and differences between Jamaica and England.

Our learning destination will see us putting our new found knowledge to use and creating a museum with all the facts we have found out during the half term. The teachers have said we will be tasting Caribbean food and may also get a steel band to play at the end destination. How good will that be?

I'm looking forward to starting our exciting learning, as I know I'll find out a lot of information, we will have lots of fun at the same time.

Mrs McGrath has said if any parents/carers know any information about the Windrush generation, she'd like them to contact her on the school phone number or email address.

We will be posting our learning each week on the Y5 homepage, so our parents and carers are able to see what we have been learning about. Our school homework will be handed out on a Friday and will be for a 2 week period. The spellings will be linked to our English learning.

If we have any questions about the next half term learning, we need to ask our teachers - Mrs McGrath, Mrs Oliver, Ms Hill and Mr Clarke.

Bye for now.


Y5 Downloads for Autumn 2

Y5 Curriculum Overview - 2021/22 Autumn 2

Y5 Knowledge Organiser - History - Windrush Generation

Y5 Knowledge Organiser - Science - Forces


Home Learning for Autumn 2

Y5 Home Learning 2021/22 Autumn 1 - Week 1 and 2




Our Autumn 2 Learning

Week Ending 17.12.21

Download the Y5 LM News for this week's update.

Pictures 1-5: The layers of the atmosphere. Pictures 6-13: Steel band pictures.

Picture 14: The children graduated from Y5LM on Thursday 17th December.

Pictures 15-19: The celebration party.


I would like to thank all the parents and carers for the kind gifts and cards that I received, I was blown away by all your generosity, it means so much to me.

It's been an absolute pleasure teaching at Woodthorpe and I wish all the children all the success in the world. Go and shine!



Week Ending 10.12.21

What an amazing week the children in Y5 have had. On Thursday they tried a range of Jamaican foods, such as fried dumplings, curried chicken, hardo bread, plantains and patties. The children have been learning about Windrush in the curriculum this half term, so we decided we'd finish the half terms learning with a taste of the Caribbean. All the food was devoured, with many of the children asking for more!

On Friday the children spent the day out of school on a trip organised by Mr Clark. We visited Ice Sheffield, we spent 2 hours ice skating with a range of other schools from Sheffield. We discovered we have some natural skaters in the year group. Then the children watched the show 'Frozen', which was magical. The skating was fantastic as well as the many costumes worn throughout the show.

There were no star learners as we were out on the trip. Both classes were exceptionally well behaved on the trip, therefore they all deserve to be the star learners.

We are looking forward to the last week as we have many activities planned.

Pictures 1-4: Caribbean food tasting.

Pictures 5-9: Ice skating trip.

Pictures 10-12: Star writer - Dwayne - An excellent hot write, expressing lots of emotion.

Week Ending 03.12.21

Download the Y5 LM News for this week's update.

Picture 1: Hairstyle of the week. Picture 2: Star learners - Josh for being a great friend to others and Sophia for being an always child. Picture 3: Star swimmers - Tulisa and Miley great swimming and confidence.

Pictures 4 and 5: The children have been learning about forces this week.

Pictures 6-7: PE - The children have been engaging in a range of multi skills this week.

Week Ending 26.11.21

Download the Y5 LM News for this week's update.

Pictures 1-3: Y5LM participating in multi skills activity with Mr Clark.

Picture 4: Y5LM star learners - Lilli and Dwayne for being quiet but amazing members of the class. Picture 5: Star swimmers - Dwayne, Riley and Spohia - for great attitudes in the swimming pool. Pictures 6 and 7: The mock interviews discussing how passengers were treated in 1958, 10 years after Windrush arrived in Britain.

Pictures 8-9: Dwayne created a model of SS Empire Windrush for his home learning, well done Dwayne.

Week Ending 19.11.21

Dear Diary,

In English we have been doing the hot write and everybody's were good and all was well written nicely. The best writers were Lexus and ME. The new topic for English is newspaper writing. In maths this week we have been learning about line graphs and tables. As well as that, we have been learning how to convert kg to lb.

The spellings are: Possible, Horrible, Terrible, Incredible, Sensible and Sensibly.

In P.E some students from Sheffield University came in to teach us how to row, they brought in rowing machines, it was fun! In RSHE, we saw a clip were Jess slowed down so Meagan could win the race and get into the team. The session was about what makes a good friend. In history we wrote a letter to our family members back in Jamaica and told them how we were getting on in England. In the background we drew a beach to represent Jamaica.

Oh I forgot to mention the star learners and star swimmers. The star learners for this week are Lucas S, Riley R, Alvin and Amaan. The star swimmers are Amman, Dwayne and Leoni. I am done finally. BYE.

Another thing, our new English genre will be newspaper articles, so next week the information explaining our weekly events will be in the form of a newspaper article.

Bye for now,

Ollie and Cody.

Pictures 1-2: Home learning in preparation for the next unit of learning in English - newspaper reports. Picture 3: Star writers for outstanding writing. Ollie and Lexus produced diary entries as children travelling on SS Empire Windrush in 1948. Picture 4: Hairstyle of the week is Sophia.

Pictures 5-8: Y5SC have had a special visit from Sheffield University students, who have delivered some amazing science to the class. The children have designed and made water filters to filter out dirt from water and turn the water cleaner. It was fantastic and the children loved it! They also learnt about university subjects and future jobs they could have.

Pictures 9-11: Children rowing with the university students, the students are from the rowing society.

Pictures 12-15: 12 students have been chosen to join the mini police.

Pictures 16-18: The star writers' writing: Outstanding writing showing empathy and understanding of another person's viewpoint

Week Ending 12.11.21

Dear Diary,

This week we had some devastating news, our teacher Mrs McGrath will be leaving us at Christmas. She will be an Assistant Headteacher at a different school, we are all saddened by this news! Mrs Oliver (our other teacher) will be sadly also be leaving us, she will be teaching Year 4 from next Tuesday, but we are lucky to have Miss Hill as our replacement teacher.

Today some university students came to show us how to be engineers (they taught us how to filter water), it was great fun. In Maths, we completed a test for line graphs and then we started learning about line graphs. In English, we did a warm write about being a young child on Empire Windrush (writing a diary extract). In the wider curriculum, we did History and PE. In PE, we had a multiple of stations involving kicking, passing, jumping and running, it tired us out.

Wait! I forgot to mention the star learners and star swimmers! Our star swimmers are Lexus, Kimberly and Corey! Lexus for putting all her effort into the swimming pool. Kimberly and Corey for being mini fishes in the swimming pool. The Star Learners are Jenny and Riley R. The reasons are for changing their attitude to learning and school.

On Thursday 11th November, we did 2 minutes of silence to respect the people who fought in the second and first world war.

We are now bringing weekly diaries home telling our parents what learning we have participated in during the week.

Our homework will be given weekly, but the spelling will stay the same for 2 weeks and the maths will change weekly. At the end of a two week period we will have a spelling test.

School has been fun, but busy this. I wonder what next week will bring ...

I have to go now! Cya later! Bye!

From Eskander

Pictures 1-5: Engineering Activity. Pictures 6-11: PE. Picture 12: Hairstyle of the Week.

Picture 13: Star Learners. Picture 14: Roman explaining why he is special, he told us about his heart condition.

Week Ending 05.11.21

Dear Diary,

This week Y5 have been learning about how to write a diary extract in English including informative language, fronted adverbials and time adverbials. In maths, we have been doing column addition, column subtraction and rounding and adjusting. In curriculum, year five have been doing music, P.E. and a history quiz. For music, we have listened to a poem by Benjamin Zephaniah and we started to sing the poem. Then, in history, we did a quiz about the Empire Windrush and how/when it happened.

We then wrote about what we did in P.E. In P.E, we did kicking jumping and running (in stages from walking to jogging then running). Today, we are creating Bon Fire night biscuits! The reason why I'm telling you this is because we are the only class doing this! The activities are fun and we all enjoy it. Our teacher (Mrs McGrath) said it was a treat and I think that we all deserve the treat.

Anyways, I need to mention the star learners and star swimmers! The star learners are Riley K. and Miley. Miley for being confident and Riley for brightening our days! The star swimmers are Alvin (me!), Dylan and Roman. Alvin for being brave and swimming. Dylan for excellent swimming and Roman for being a fish in the pool. Finally, I've finished. I will report to you next week! Cya later! Bye!

From Alvin

The learning journey title in Y5 is 'Are you British Enough?'. The children will be looking at their family tree and discussing it with the rest of the class.

Miss Newton and Ms Perales in Y5LM/JO have created an amazing display to showcase the learning the children will be producing this half term.

We will also be looking at the Windrush generation, the migrants who came to Britain from the Caribbean between 1948 and 1971. The ship has been created with one side showing the tropics of the Caribbean and the other side showing the bright lights of London.

We have also included the poem 'The British' by Benjamin Zephaniah, which discusses the many nationalities that live in Britain today. We will be adding to the display board weekly and will add weekly updates.

Autumn 1 Term

This half term the learning journey title will be 'You're the future. How are you going to make an impact?'

The children will be learning about space in science and extreme weather conditions in Geography.




Y5 Downloads for Autumn 1

Y5 Curriculum Overview - 2021/22 Autumn 1

Y5 Knowledge Organiser - Science - Earth and Space

Y5 Knowledge Organiser - Geography - Extreme Weather


Home Learning for Autumn 1

Y5 Home Learning 2021/22 Autumn 1 - Week 2




Our Autumn 1 Learning

Y5LM/JO will be learning about inspirational people from October.

The teachers would like you to support your child in learning about an inspirational person to your child or your family. They can be famous or non famous. Your child will be expected to find information about this person and present it to the rest of the class.

Any questions, please see either Mrs McGrath or Mrs Oliver.

Week Ending 22.10.21

What an amazing half term we have had in Year 5. We have completed our block of multi-skills with Dan, the children have been playing games involving throwing and catching and developed these skills further.

In the wider curriculum we completed our geography unit on extremes weather conditions, in particular earthquakes and tsunamis. The space unit was a success also, the children are aware of the the planets in space and understand their movements.

To complete the term, we finished with an early Halloween party, the costumes were truly scary. The children also participated in decorating 'mummy biscuits' as well as other craft activities.

Star Learners: Ollie, Mia and Corey - For an outstanding week in school and producing impressive learning. All 3 autobiographies were amazing. Well done!

Star Swimmers: Dwayne and William for supporting their friend in the swimming lesson.

Week Ending 08.10.21

Yet another positive week for the children in Year 5, they have been building and testing the strength of bridges in Design and Technology.

In PE the children have been continuing to work on their throwing and catching skills with support from Dan. Whilst in Science the children have been learning about space and why we have seasons as well as day and night. We have been acting these out.

The children have had talk homework in order to write their autobiographies, they have brought in a range of pictures to support their writing. We are at the early stages of the writing process. The writing is looking great already and interesting!

The children will be talking about their inspirational person next week, we are looking forward to the presentations.

Star Learners: Leoni - For her amazing sense of humour and for trying with her handwriting.
William - Responding positively to his talk homework and completing it with his dad.

Actors of the Week: Alvin and Pixie for being great moons and earths, when we were discussing day and night and how we have the different seasons.

Hairstyle of the Week: Lexus and Tulisa.

Prince / Princess of the Week: Chosen by the class - Roman and Lexus.

There are no Star Swimmers as the children had sports day instead, which was enjoyed by all the class. Thank you to Mr Clarke for organising.

Week Ending 24.09.21

We have had another great week in Y5LM/JO. The children have been learning about earthquakes in geography and understanding how they are formed. In groups of 4 the children acted out what to do during an earthquake.

In English, the children produced outstanding narrative stories that could easily be turned into mini dramas, we have some budding writers and actors in the class.

We are looking forward to many more great weeks in Y5.

Star Learners: Cody and Alvin for an excellent week at school and for showing resilience in all areas of the curriculum.

Star Swimmers: Cody and Tulisa for being confident in the swimming lessons.

Week Ending 17.09.21

Pictures 1 - 4: Year 5 have been learning how to throw and catch this week, these skills will benefit the children in a range of sports, such as basketball and netball. The children practised overarm and underarm throws.

Pictures 5 - 7: Home learning completed by Dwayne, in geography we are learning about extreme weather conditions. Dwayne has researched earthquakes and what to do if one occurs.

Picture 8: Star Learners Y5LMc/JO: Sophia - An always child, always ready to engage in her learning and has a positive attitude to everything in school. Lucas - Has made great improvements in all aspects of the curriculum in a short amount of time.

Week Ending 10.09.21

Pictures 1 & 2: The children have been learning how to move their bodies in PE.

Picture 3: Sophia telling us about her trip to Australia.

Picture 4: Star Learners: for an amazing start to the new school term.

Picture 5: Star Swimmers: impressive swimming skills.