Year 5 2018/19

Welcome to Year 5!

The Year 5 team, which consist of Mrs Blackett, Mr Clark, Mrs McGrath, Mrs Gamban, Mrs Newton and Miss Nallet would like to welcome the Year 5 students joining us in September. We are all excited and pleased to be working with you this year.

If you have any questions about the learning, please contact the class teacher. We hope to see you at all our events at the end of each half term.

Summer 2 Term

We would like to welcome back Year 5 to their final half term. It will be very hectic as Year 5 will be doing a lot of investigating in all subjects.

Our learning journey title is 'Shall we investigate? Spread our wings and fly.'.

The Y5 Overview - 2018/19 Summer 2 is available to download.


Our Summer 2 Learning


Year 5 have had a term of investigating.

They have done science experiments about the effect of temperature on the bounce of a ball.


They have looked at the use of materials when building a house in extreme weather, looking at weight (Newtons) and mass (matter).

In geography we have been studying earthquakes and they have made Richter scales and built structures to investigate the effect it would have. Art has seen the year 5 investigating 3D and tessellation drawings done in the style of Escher-which the have enjoyed doing.


We have also been on a fantastic trip to Millhouses Park, where the children enjoyed playing on the equipment and in the water.

This trip was made possible from the money they had raised throughout the year, they would like to thank everyone who spent money on the buying the hats, buns and coming to their Greek day.



In Year 5 we have been learning about extreme weather around the world. We imitated, earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. We wrote facts about each of the natural disasters. The children enjoyed recreating them.




Y5SC/LM said "Bon Voyage" to Miss Nallett. We will miss her and wish her all the best for the future.




Summer 1 Term

The staff in Year 5 would like to welcome back all the pupils. We hope you all had a lovely Easter break.

Our title for Summer 1 is 'It's all Greek to me!'.

The Y5 Overview - 2018/19 Summer 1 is available to download.

Our Y5 Home Learning Challenge - 2018/19 Summer 1 is also available.

Our Summer 1 Learning

Today the children were completely engaged and the "Awe and Wonder" of each new print was lovely to witness. The children listened while Sarah and Anita - from the Sheffield Museums - carefully and confidently explained the task. It was science through art based learning around water and was an excellent investigation concept for the children to experience. The children were buzzing at lunch telling others about their work, which was to use different materials for marbling.

In the second session, the children were learning about dementia and this was lead by Grace, who had a lovely manner with the children, especially when explaining a tricky subject like dementia. She took the children on a journey and all children were involved offering ideas and thoughts. The children felt so comfortable telling their personal stories - a breath of fresh air.

All children received a certificate for completing the training acredited by 'Enrichment for the Elderly'. An immensely enjoyable day!

Year 5JB have been getting used to Greek dancing ...

10 May 2019 - What a fantastic two weeks. Year 5 JB has been so busy doing different things.

On the 30th April we went to the Chatsworth care home where we did marbling with the residents. A wonderful time was had by all. They enjoyed the marbling as well as the singing and a few dances by the pupils and the residents. The children then used the marbled paper to make an art piece to hang up inside the main room for all to see.

We have also been practicing our Greek dancing which is starting to look like we are professional. The children are enjoying using their own creative steps.

Finally to end this week we have been testing Greek food. Some of the children were a bit nervous to try but they soon realised that they enjoyed the different tastes. Couscous seemed to be the favourite along with a filo feta roll. Next we we will be making salads and pitta bread so we can have a testing day for parents.

This week was Deaf Awareness week, Y5SC/LM celebrated by watching a video about deaf children and Iistening to Ms Nallett, who gave first hand experience of living with deaf parents. The children signed their name and we made a class display of our names.

Today we celebrated Ms Nallet and Meah's birthday. We sang happy birthday in French.

In Design and Technology we are learning how to prepare food. The children sampled a range of Greek food in preparation for the Greek café we will be opening at the end of the half term. The children tried halloumi, feta cheese, olives and a range of other Greek foods.

17 May 2019 - Y5SC/LM have been preparing Greek dishes in Design and Technology in preparation for their café next week. They made Greek salads, pitta bread with halloumi and salad and pitta bread with feta cheese and salad. We are looking forward to welcoming the parents to our café, The Hercules.

25 May 2019 - The children of Y5SC/LM opened their café 'The Hercules' on Thursday 23rd May. We invited the parents to our café. The response was positive, they enjoyed the range of Greek food on offer.

This week is Dementia awareness week, the children listened to Jayne Fielding, who works at the local care home the children visit every two weeks, to discuss the condition the residents she looks after have (dementia and Alzheimer's). The children asked her a range of questions.


What a fantastic half term!

Year 5JB has been so busy preparing for the Greek Tasting Day. Parents arrived to taste the meals that had been prepared by the pupils. Parents were so surprised that their children had tried and tasted so many different Greek meals.

The children also performed Greek dancing and told them about all they had learn in the half term.



On Friday the 24th May the students from the 88 Pianists came to finish our final designs to break the world record.

As 3 of the classes designs were chosen we needed to ensure they would function correctly.

All the children had to use their engineering minds to ensure it would work as it will be a distance of 7 meters from the piano and need to work alongside 88 other designs.


Spring 2 Term

The staff in Year 5 would like to welcome back all the pupils. We hope you all had a lovely half term break.

Our curriculum journey this half term is 'Who are you and how can you be the best version of you?'. Become a 21st century trend setter.

This half term is packed with lots of exciting activities, such as the Wonder Dome, a visit to Manor Top library as well as a visit to Sheffield Museum to focus on the art learning.

The Y5 Overview - 2018/19 Spring 2 is available to download.

Our Y5 Home Learning Challenge - 2018/19 Spring 2 is also available.

Our Spring 2 Learning

Y5SC/LM have had a busy week, we have been learning how to add fractions with different denominators.

We also braved the wind and rain and walked to Manor Top library where the children all received application forms to join the library. Fay, the librarian showed us around the library.

The children have also been learning about the sun, earth and moon and the length of time it takes them to orbit.

Marzanna - Today we celebrated the Marzanna festival with Bartosz, who is Polish. This tradition, coming from his home country, is a way to welcome Spring back after a long cold winter.

We made a doll made out of straw to represent Marzanna, the goddess associated with winter's death and rebirth. All together we then burnt the doll and drowned it to kill winter and welcome the coming sunny days.

Debate - Students from Sheffield University came into Y5SC/LM on Wednesday 20th March to act of a trial, it was the trial of Goldilocks.

The children's level of participation was great and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Phases of the Moon - In science we have been learning about the phases of the moon, we drew and labelled them first, then we made the phases of the moon using biscuits.

Year 5 have had a busy and exciting half term, which has seen them go on two visits in Sheffield as well as learn about Space in science and mapping skills in Geography. Spring 2 has been great and we look forward to Summer 1. The following pictures are of the town visit and a visit from PC Briggs about Knife crime.

We are sad to say bye to Ming Ming, he was a vital part of Y5SC/LM. He will be missed by us all. His new school is lucky to him.

Spring 1 Term

The staff members in Year 5 are delighted to welcome back all the pupils. We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and the new year is a wonderful one for you.

This half term we will be centring our learning on the roles of males and females in the 19th century to present times.

We are also hoping to go and visit an historical setting in Sheffield and to find out as much as possible about our wonderful city. We will keep you updated with trip dates.

If you have any questions about this half terms learning, please speak to your child's class teacher. Happy New Year.

The Y5 Overview - 2018/19 Spring 1 is available to download.

Our Y5 Home Learning Challenge - 2018/19 Spring 1 is also available.

Our Spring 1 Learning


What an exciting half term we have had!

Year 5 have been very busy, from learning about how History has changed for men and women to making wire sculpture.

To show off all the new knowledge they learnt, Year 5 spent the afternoon sharing with the parents and carers on their learning destination day.



St Catherine's church - St Catherine's church was the location for the local visit on Thursday 17th January. Year 5 are currently learning about Christianity and the church.

Father Philips gave the children a tour around the church and answered, which felt like hundreds of question to increase their knowledge. A great visit was had by all.

Chinese New Year - On Wednesday 6th February Y5SC/LM celebrated Chinese New Year with a range of activities from mask making up using chopsticks.

We learnt about the the Chinese zodiac signs as well as the story of the dragon. To finish off the morning we had Chinese food, brought in by the children.

Victorian and Church Visit - The city centre was the destination for our trip on Thursday 7th February. Both year groups went there for two reasons, which were to look at Victorian buildings and churches as in history we are learning about Victorian times and in RE we are looking at the uses of churches and christanity. We visited the cathedral, town hall, where we had a tour by Julia Wilson, buffer ladies statues as well as the United Reform church were Zadie, the minister spoke to us.

On our way towards Cosmo, we had the pleasure of bumping into the mayor of Sheffield, Magid Magid. The children were very excited and had photos and talked to him.

Cosmo was our final destination, the children enjoyed the many choices on offer and were full by the end of the trip.

It was truly a fabulous day, which was enjoyed by all.

Autumn 2 Term

The teachers would like to welcome back all the pupils. We hope you had a lovely half term break.

The new term is packed with many activities, the theme this half term is food, where does it come from? What is fair trade? How can food be manipulated?

Y5SC/LM have been given the key vocabulary for the new science unit. It is important that the words are learnt to enhance the children's learning.

The words have been sent home, here is a copy of the words. Thank you for your support.

Our Autumn 2 Learning

Wednesday 14th saw the second visit of the Fab Year Fives to the care home. The children sang a variety of songs and performed some dance routines for the residents.

Both the residents and the children enjoyed the morning session.

In our curriculum journey 'How do you order your food?' we had a great time investigating the medium of food throughout the curriculum journey.

In Art we looked at 'Art of tidying Up' and we were inspired by the Artist Ursus Wehrli. By using this art form the children have created art work through the medium of food. The children's final art piece will be displayed down in the parents room. By looking at food they have recognised how they should see the importance of food in their lives.

In RE we looked at the religious laws linked with food and the children used their Science and RE knowledge to create a menu where different denominations could enjoy a meal together. In Geography we looked at Fairtrade and the Climate Zones of the world. The year 5's did a debate on to recognise the importance of Fairtrade.

This half term we have also been on a fantastic trip to the theatre to see the pantomime Peter Pan. This was sponsored by First Direct and the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The Fab Year Fives

The Fab Year Fives are five year 5 pupils who have been chosen because of their excellent attitude to school to go and read, play games and talk to residents at a local care home.

Their first visit was on Wednesday 17th October; the residents thoroughly enjoyed the presence of the children and they all sang songs together.

We are hoping the children can visit fortnightly and build a bond with the residents who are suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Autumn 1 Term

The half term is packed with fun and exciting activities from kite making in Design and Technology, which will be supported by employees of Sheffield University, to finding out about materials in science. To start of the half term we will be visiting the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford to learn about the journey of technology.

The Y5 Overview - 2018/19 Autumn 1 is available to download.

Our Y5 Home Learning Challenge - 2018/19 Autumn 1 is also available.

Our Autumn 1 Learning

Technology is constantly improving and changing in the world we live in.

In Year 5 this half term we are learning about technology and it's evolution. The children have been creating their own timelines to illustrate this development.

On Wednesday 12th September, the year group travelled to Bradford Photography Museum to explore the changes for themselves and to touch the artefacts.

The behaviour of the students was amazing and the learning that occurred was great to observe. The visit was purposeful and there was a lot of conversations throughout the day about all the wonderful things they had seen and experienced!

On Thursday 20th September, the Year 5 group were fortunate enough to have the guidance from Cathy, who works at Sheffield University in the AMP department. She is heavily involved in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).

The purpose of her visit was to work with the children to design their kite, which will be tested on Wednesday 24th, all parents in year 5 will receive personal invites. Cathy was working with the children to explain the importance of STEM in kite making.

A prototype was made from everyday materials, such as newspapers, string and cellotape. The children enjoyed the morning activity and understood the importance of a prototype before embarking on the real deal. In the next few weeks the children will be designing and making their own kite.

Due to heavy rain and winds we were unable to test the kite, we are hoping to test them the week beginning 24th September; we will let you know how we get on.

We look forward to seeing you all at the kite festival, you are in for a treat!



What a fantastic week Y5LM/SC have had, we've had birthdays, so double figures which is an exciting time!

Parents and carers came in at the end of the week to support the children with their kite making design. We can't wait to make the kites!



Friday 5th October saw the return of Cathy from AMP. She came to evaluate and give feedback regarding the children's kite design and protype.

Each child had a consultation with her and she informed them what was good about their design and protype and how it could be improved.

The children took the advice on board and will make the necessary adjustments to their kites in the next subsequent weeks, ready for the kite morning on Wednesday 24th October.

Cathy brought in 3D pens for the children to experiment with. They made bows using them to place on their kites. To use the pens you needed a steady hand, we clearly have some budding artist and surgeons in our midst. We had an exciting morning.


October is Black History Month, Year 5LM/SC will be celebrating the successes of black people not just in October, but throughout the academic year.

We will learning about a range of black people that have inspired and changed history in some form of way for the better. The people we are celebrating come from a range of industries, from politics to sport.

Pop into our classroom to see our learning.



Let's go fly the kites

Wednesday 24th October saw the Year 5's weeks of dedication and perseverance pay off.

The kites that they had been working on for the last 3 weeks have all been finally made and were making their debut in front of the children's parents and carers.

The turnout was great and the children had a fantastic time.