Year 6 2019/20

Welcome to Year 6!

Welcome to the Y6 area of the website.

Our team this year consists of Mrs Perkins, Mr Murray, Mrs Careless, Mrs Leeming and Mrs Harris. (Mrs McGrath and Mr Reardon will be covering Mrs Perkins maternity from Monday 20th January 2020.)

PE days are Mondays and Wednesdays.

Spring 2 Term

The learning journey title this half term is 'Have you got the nerve?'. The children will be finishing off the half term with a visit to Thornbridge, which will test their nerves! but will be great for team building and confidence.

During the half term the children will be learning about electricity in science and how to respect other religions in RE. The geography learning explores the local area of Woodthorpe. It's going to be a busy half term for the year 6's, but we know they have the nerve!

Y6 Downloads for Spring 2

Y6 Curriculum Overview - 2019/20 Spring 2

Y6 Knowledge Organiser - Spring 2 - Geography - Local Area

Y6 Knowledge Organiser - Spring 2 - Science - Electricity

Our Spring 2 Learning



The Year 6's have been exploring the local area to find out about it land use and found that Woodthorpe has 3 main land uses, which are residential, green spaces and businesses.

In Science, the children have been learning the symbols for electrical circuits and will be using them in the next session.



The Year 6's participated in a workshop called 'Engineers without Borders' alongside three Sheffield University students. The students are all studying engineering and spoke about the importance of water.

They set the Year 6's a challenge to filter out clean water from dirty water using basic materials. All the groups were successful.

The children participated in a range of activities during Science Day which included testing liquids to see if they were an acid or alkaline. They also made their own trebuchet and measured how far their 'missile' travelled depending on its weight!

Y6 children engaging in a range of different activities, including TT Rockstars, Spell Shed and Spell Frame.

The Year 6's made Mother's Day cards for their mums using their creative skills.

The Year 6's have been experimenting all morning with a range of science kits!

In Year 6 we had a safe gathering and watched the movie of our guiding book 'Holes'.

Spring 1 Term

This half term, Y6 are asking:

'Who had it worse: The Elizabethans or The Victorians?'.

We will be comparing the two eras, visiting a Victorian workhouse, and hosting Horrible Histories themed Pub Quiz for parents and carers.

We hope to see you there!


Y6 Downloads for Spring 1

Y6 Home Learning Challenge - 2019/20 Spring 1

Y6 Knowledge Organiser - Spring 2 - History - Elizabethans and Victorians

Y6 Knowledge Organiser - Spring 2 - Science - Classification of Living Things

Our Spring 1 Learning

The Year 6's went to Ripon to visit a Victorian workhouse to understand what life was like in the Victorian era. They had to clean, make rag rugs from old clothing and be taught by a Victorian school teacher and follow his strict rules!

(Left) Father Philips explained how christian people supported vulnerable people in society.

(Right) The children were learning about vertebrates and invertebrates and the sub groups.

(Left) Y6 have been designing and making outfits out for kings and queens in the Elizabethan and Victorian era.

(Right) The Year 6 curriculum learning destination was a success and attended by many of the Year 6 parents and carers. The event was a pub quiz (questions by the children). The children also provided the entertainment which involved singing, playing musical instruments and magic tricks!

Autumn 2 Term

This half term we are asking 'Your island: Your Rules. Who has got what it takes?'. This will take a geography focus, and the children will be learning about climates, trade and economics.

In science, the children will be learning about evolution and inheritance and we are looking forward to welcome several visitors into school to deliver some exciting sessions.


Y6 Downloads for Autumn 2

Y6 Home Learning Challenge - 2019/20 Autumn 2

Y6 Knowledge Organiser - Autumn 2 - Geography - Climates, Trade and Economics

Y6 Knowledge Organiser - Autumn 2 - Science - Evolution and Inheritance

Autumn 1 Term

This half term we are asking, 'Great Grandma, where were you during WWII?'.

As part of this learning journey we are hoping to tell family stories and share experiences about the war or life back at home. If you have any within your family, please share these with your children.

We are starting the learning journey with a trip to Eden Camp on the 12th of September.

Y6 Downloads for Autumn 1

Y6 Home Learning Challenge - 2019/20 Autumn 1

Y6 Other News

Bears of Sheffield Appeal / Australian Bushfires

Year 6LM/FR raised an amazing £240.31 for the Bears of Sheffield appeal and the Australian Bushfires.

The children decided on their fun raising activities which include selling cakes, toy sale, dance routines, lucky dip box, penalty football and basketball shoot out.

The whole school was invited to the event and was enjoyed by all!