Year 6 2021/22

Welcome to Year 6!

Welcome back to a new school year. We are very excited to get started on what is going to be an exceptional year. As well as Mr Murray and Mrs Blackett, we will have Mrs Robinson, Mrs Robertson, Mr Newell and Ms Gamban working in the Year 6 team.

This year PE for both Year 6 classes will be Thursday and Friday. Please come to school in your school PE Kit, which is a light blue Woodthorpe t-shirt (available at the office), dark coloured shorts or jogging bottoms and suitable trainers. For outdoor PE please ensure you have an appropriate warm outer layer.

Summer 1 Term

The children have come back energised and ready for the new half term.

We will be continuing with some of the learning from last half term and we will be focusing on the 1950's linking it with the Queens Platinum Jubilee.




Home Learning for Summer 1

Y6 Home Learning 2021/22 Summer 1 - Week 1


Spring 2 Term

This half term our learning journey title is: 'What makes you scream?'

Using the title as inspiration, we will be looking at the Aztecs, where we will be focusing on their warriors and religious beliefs.

We will also be looking at The Scream by Edvard Munch in art and will focus on tone used in drawings to show depth and light. The children will be thinking about things that would make them scream for their final art piece.

We are also looking forward to attending Thornbridge this half term.

Again, it is going to be a busy half term and we cannot wait to get started.

Home Learning for Spring 2

Y6 Home Learning 2021/22 Spring 2 - Week 1



Our Spring 2 Learning

What a wonderful time the year 6 pupils had a Thornbridge. The children spent all their time outside enjoying the activities.

Diary Entry - A Visit to Thornbridge

"VROOM!"" The coach arrived at Thornbridge. This was it; the moment I had been waiting for since day one. Flooded with excitement, I dashed out of the coach and grabbed my suitcase. As I was chatting with my friend (Steven) everyone started to go silent. Bewildered, I turned around to see a grand and extravagant castle. My mouth dropped in awe.

The castle had dazzling pillars on each side and short (but beautiful) towers. The weather was blissful and splendidly sunny, so, it looked even more divine. Next we got organised into our bedrooms, teams and clothes. I was put in team three. Although few of my friends were with me, I still had a great time.

Our first activity was the Thornbridge challenge. We had to do three separate challenging tasks. Our main objective was to find the hidden wizards treasure together as a team but in order to get clues, we needed to do activities. Our first challenge was the mole holes. We basically had to crawl through tunnels and look for hidden clues. Although it was creepy and dark the activity was very thrilling (we also did the low ropes but I'm not sure that was part of the challenge).

Next we went to the wizard's boulder. Our ambition there was to climb up the boulder and sing a song of our choice. After a democratical vote from our team, we decided that three people should climb on the difficult side of the boulder; three on the medium side and four on the easy. We also decided to sing happy birthday because someone's birthday was at Thornbride.

Our final challenge was the wizard's sea saw. The intention there was to balance all of our crew on a sea saw for five seconds. Our record time was 4 seconds, but sadly we didn't make it to five. For a break, we ate our packed lunch. Mine was a delicious bacon sandwich and appetizing yogurt.

After we had our home made packed lunch, we completed the Thornbridge challenge. After this, our final activities were rock climbing chill time and I presume bat searching. We got showered and drank lovely hot chocolate before bed.

Our second day was interesting. Our group went first on the sky rope. In order to make sure that we could proceed to the sky ropes, we had to practice on the high ropes. Horrified, I made the great mistake of going up first. It was a VERY tall cargo net; I had no clue how I completed but, I somehow managed. We were ready for the sky rope now. Our group had to wait a few minutes but we eventually got on. As I was climbing up I started to get scared.

Initially, it seemed fun but as I progressed up the ladder it got intimidating. I finally gained the courage and pushed myself to do the obstacle course. It was really scary. I slowly but surely made my way down through the obstacle. Sadly I made a miss step and slipped of the course. My heart skipped a beat. I closed my eyes waiting for the moment I collided with the ground but to my surprise I opened my eyes to see myself floating. I HAD A HARNESS ON. And I had completely forgotten. Humiliated, I carried on with the course and finished it six times before I got off.

After this we did biking. It was a big challenge for me but I tried my hardest. At the end of the activity, we went on a short biking journey and back. On my way back from the journey, I encountered Mr Townsend, a teacher from my school. Marely and I had a lovely conversation with him.

When it was night-time, we did a follow the rope obstacle course in the woods called 'The Night Line'. We had to do it blindfolded but I didn't because it made me feel dizzy. Finally we got showered and did our usually night routine.

Spring 1 Term

This half term our learning journey title is: 'The robots are coming, are you ready?'

In this half term we will be focusing on Geography and looking Climates, Trade and Economics. In D.T we will be using our computing skill to make a working robot with working parts. In science we will be looking at electricity which will aid us in our robot building.

For P.E we will be doing handball in our sessions where we will be focusing on skills, which will lead up to a handball match.

Y6 Downloads for Spring 1

Y6 Knowledge Organiser - Geography - Climates, Trade and Economics

Y6 Knowledge Organiser - Science - Electricity

Y6 Knowledge Organiser - RHSE - Spring 1


Home Learning for Spring 1

Y6 Home Learning 2021/22 Spring 1 - Week 1

Y6 Home Learning 2021/22 Spring 1 - Week 2

Y6 Home Learning 2021/22 Spring 1 - Week 3


Our Spring 1 Star Learners of the week

Our Spring 1 Learning

Week Ending 11.02.22

What a busy end to the half term, Year 6 finished making their models and used Flowel 4 to programme their models to move.

They also enjoyed making their own site webpage in computing where they learnt about the use of copyright images and information.

They really enjoyed playing handball and it was a great success. All the children worked as a team and applied all their new learnt skills whilst playing a match.

Week Ending 21.01.22

What a couple of busy weeks Year 6 have been having. We have started to look at electricity in science and investigate the different circuits. The children looked at parallel and series circuits and they recognised what would be best to use in house.

The children will use the knowledge of parallel and series circuits when they do their D.T learning as they need to use Flowol 4 to write an algorithm so their circuit will follow the program. The children have started D.T. by solving programs that are on Flowol 4.

Once they mastered the skill of Flowol 4 they started designing their models that they will be making. The children have made templates, then prototypes of the models before they make their final piece.

In P.E the children have enjoyed learning about handball. They have started to master the skill of passing the ball accurately and have been working on their defence skills.

In Maths we have been looking a coordinates. The children played battleship trying to find the exact placement of their partners shape.

Week Ending 07.01.22

Year 6 have enjoyed the start of the new term. The have started to understand what makes a good citizen and started to learn some British sign language.

In design and technology, they will be making a working robot that follows a programme. The started by writing an algorithm to control the Bee-Bots. They had to debug the algorithm if it did not complete the task.

Autumn 2 Term

This half term our learning journey title is: How did WW2 affect the diversity of Britain?

Using the title as inspiration, we will be looking at WW2, where we will be focusing on the diversity of the war and how we all united together with other nations. This will link with D.T where the children will be looking at how WW2 effected supplies and how they had to 'make do and mend' through the war.

The children will be sewing and making toys that will be constructed from recycled items.

In Science, we will be looking at Evolution. We will be learning how animals and plants evolve over time to adapt to different environments.

Again, it is going to be a busy half term and we cannot wait to get started.

Y6 Downloads for Autumn 2

Y6 Overview - 2021/2022 Autumn 2

Y6 Knowledge Organiser - Science - Evolution

Y6 Knowledge Organiser - History - World War 2 and The Sheffield Blitz


Home Learning for Autumn 2

Y6 Home Learning 2021/22 Autumn 2 - Week 1

Y6 Home Learning 2021/22 Autumn 2 - Week 2

Y6 Home Learning 2021/22 Autumn 2 - Week 3

Y6 Home Learning 2021/22 Autumn 2 - Week 5

Y6 Home Learning 2021/22 Autumn 2 - Week 7

Our Autumn 2 Star Learners of the week

Our Autumn 2 Learning

Week Ending 17.12.21

What an amazing end to an exciting half term. All the children thoroughly enjoyed learning about WW2.

We ended the term by making board games, spinners and sewing their own cuddly toy. They all understood that in WW2 the families had to 'Make do and mend' and that most of the gifts they received would have been homemade toys.

The children progressed significantly in their hockey skill and enjoyed playing a match. Fantastic sportsmanship was shown by all.

Week Ending 26.11.21

Again, this week has flown by so quickly and it hard to believe that we are more than half way through the term.

In the curriculum the children are enjoying learning about World War Two. The have been looking at the cause and effect of the war. The looked at the timeline of WW2 and worked together to order the events. This will be linked to the English where they are looking at formal letter writing.

In hockey the children are mastering their skill, where they took part in mini matches. The children showed fantastic team work. They have become excellent at defending and retrieving the ball.

In computing we have been looking at changing variables and how the make the game more interesting for the players.

The children have finished reading the book Holes form their guided reading session so the year 6 teacher decided to have a Holes day.

Week Ending 05.11.21

What a fantastic start to this term!

We have been busy getting ourselves absorbed into the new learning journey and looking at interesting facts about the times in WW2.

In English we have been learning about the Anderson Shelters and why they were a crucial part of surviving in residential areas. We have been writing instructions on how to build an Anderson Shelter and the class make paper versions of the structure.

The class has also started to develop their hockey skill and you can see already that there are many talented players in the class.

Autumn 1 Term

In our first learning journey we will be asking "Can we help Wilf reach the peak?"

Our main focus this half term is geography and expect a learning journey full of collaboration, excitement and an epic destination.

Our Y6 Overview - 2021/2022 Autumn 1 is available to download.


Y6 Downloads for Autumn 1

Y6 Overview - 2021/2022 Autumn 1

Y6 Knowledge Organiser - Geography - Cartography

Y6 Knowledge Organiser - Science - Light


Home Learning for Autumn 1

Y6 Home Learning 2021/22 Autumn 1 - Week 2

Y6 Home Learning 2021/22 Autumn 1 - Week 3


Our Autumn 1 Learning

End of Autumn 1

What a busy end to the half term, not only did Year 6 completed their artwork with great success, they also challenged to themselves to climb the distance of Mount Everest.

Each child had to climb up the flight of the KS2 steps 47 times and all the children rose to the challenge and had a wonderful time doing it. They were so dedicated that they even managed to do the amounts that the teachers needed to do. Well done, Year 6!

The final match for tag rugby was a great success and all the children worked as a team and applied all their new learnt skills.

Week Ending 01.10.21

Another 2 weeks have gone by quickly and Year 6 have been focusing on all the new learning.

Year 6 have gone on their first school learning trip. As a year group we investigated the Peak District, where some children walked to Higger Tor or stayed on the Longshaw Estate.

Even though it was a wet day, the children rose to the challenge and looked at all the geographic features as well as enjoyed the landscape.

Team work was needed throughout the day, and the children helped each other when they were finding it difficult.

The children have been enjoying practicing their multi skills which will aid them when they are learning new areas of different sports.

The children have been researching the different rays that a light source can make. The used card and a mirror so they were able to see the incident and reflective rays.

In our art sessions we have been building on our knowledge of landscapes, where the children have been looking at perspective drawings and applied their skills by drawing the area of the ball court and the using the skill to draw an image of the peak District.

Week Ending 17.09.21

Another week has gone by quickly and Year 6 have been focusing on all the new learning. We have had some amazing learners who have been dedicated to do their best.

The children have been enjoying learning their new skills in rugby and this week they practiced their passing skills. They enjoyed playing a mini tag rugby. We have some promising future rugby players.

The children learn about how light travels and how we are able to see. They used mirrors and torches to investigate how light travels.

In our art sessions we have been building on our knowledge of landscapes, where the children used zentangle patterns to add texture to an image from Sheffield.

This week will again go so quick but before the week ends we will be going on our trip to look at the beautiful country side of South Yorkshire.

Week Ending 10.09.21

What an amazing start to Year 6. The children have been introduced to the new half term learning and are excited to investigate the new information.

In English we are reading 'The Way Home for Wolf' by Rachel Bright as our inspiration for own narrative writing. To help with describing the setting, the children produced pastel drawings of the Northern light.

In computing, we looked at the importance of online safety and how we behave differently when we are on line. We recognised that we would not talk to strangers in the street and say how we like what they have or just decide to ask them to be our friends.

For P.E, we will be focusing on our multi-skill so we can become more confident when playing the sport. This week we focused on ball skills, which will aid use when we play tag rugby.